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At Shadeworks Arizona, transforming outdoor spaces to expand your indoor outdoor living. Born from a creative founder with expertise in manufacturing, we have expanded into Arizona's premier shade solutions provider in Arizona. Our innovation and resilient products make enjoying the outdoors possible, even in those hot Arizona nights. Experience the extraordinary with Shadeworks and make those 100+ degree days enjoyable. Arizona heat take a seat, we have shade here.

Outdoor Commercial Shade Awning
Outdoor Shade Sails for a Local Farm in Arizona
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are shade sails worth it?

Shade sails are a popular option but not always the best solution for your shade needs. Shade sails do offer a great protection from the sun and UV protection, also water protection, making the outdoors more enjoyable for your comfort. The benefits of installing a shade sail: UV & Sun protection of up to 95%. Ever hear of SPF 95, we got you.

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What are some disadvantages of shade sails?

Often some of the disadvantages of shade sails can be poor installation. This is why we offer shade replacement for your damages shade structures. Another disadvantage is sometimes shade sails do not protect you completely from the sun. While they can give great definition and some shade, sometimes that can leave some areas open to the harsh UV rays.

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What do you not offer?

Pergolas, ramadas, and louvered roofs.

What services does Shadeworks AZ offer?

Shade structures, shade sail installation, inspections, plant shade (Let some sun go through so your plants can grow), awnings, permanent umbrellas, playground shade structures, custom fabrication, custom dividers, ridge canopy and more.

Does Shadeworks AZ offer repair or maintenance of canopies or awnings?

Yes, Shadeworks Arizona offers repair, maintenance of existing awning and canopy structures.

How to block sun in the backyard?

There are various ways to block sun in your backyard such as:

  • Adding patio umbrellas. Instant shade on a budget. Need a more permanent solutions we can install a permanent umbrella.

  • Building Ramadas, gazebos or pergolas. These are not services we offer. We can however do custom shade sails, awnings and more. Call today to discuss your options.

  • Screen in your Porch. Want to enclose your porch give us a call today to discuss this project. There are a plethora of options and this can really can create great indoor outdoor living a reality.

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Can you just attach to : the fascia of the house, my fence or this block wall?

Attaching to a block wall is a great way to ensure that you meet your neighbors. So the blunt answer is no, we do our best to create lasting shade structures so you can enjoy your backyard for years to come.

What is the difference of an awning and a shade sail?

Shade sails can come from various points, so they can attach to a column, spanner plates, joists, poles other structures. Awnings however attach to your structure such as above a door opening, window or a wall.

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How long do shade structures last?

Indefinitely: we are going for long lasting shade. The textile itself carries a manufacturer warranty for a minimum of 10 years. Panels that are properly installed often last 20+ years. There might be a couple patches here and there if debris causes a puncture, but the material itself is quite durable. The columns we install are designed to be generational.

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Creating Exceptional Shade Solutions Every Space

We focus on unique commercial and residential shade structures, where creativity meets customization. Our passion lies in creating innovation, long-lasting solutions for each unique project. Whether it's commercial or a unique residential design, we are dedicated to achieving impressive functional shade solutions. We are not in this for quick fixes, it's about quality and lasting results.

Our Commitment

At Shadeworks AZ, we focus on quality and creative problem solving. Providing long-lasting high-quality shade solutions for your unique commercial and residential needs.

Innovative Design

Our options include misting systems and lighting options, enhance outdoor living spaces making Arizona's intense temps more enjoyable.

Our Team

Shadeworks Arizona company culture includes autonomy, growth, leading to positive, productive team and exceptional work for our clients.

Our Process

Shadeworks handles the entire process from helping you throught the premit process (As needed), fabricating it in house, using our premier fabric manufacturers, to our in house installers ensures a hassle-free process.

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