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Shadeworks Arizona

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Welcome to Shadeworks Arizona

At Shadeworks Arizona, transforming outdoor spaces to expand your indoor outdoor living. Born from a creative founder with expertise in manufacturing, we have expanded into Arizona's premier shade solutions provider in Arizona. Our innovation and resilient products make enjoying the outdoors possible, even in those hot Arizona nights. Experience the extraordinary with Shadeworks and make those 100+ degree days enjoyable. Arizona heat take a seat, we have shade here.

OUR Expertise

Creating Exceptional Shade Solutions Every Space

We focus on unique commercial and residential shade structures, where creativity meets customization. Our passion lies in creating innovation, long-lasting solutions for each unique project. Whether it's commercial or a unique residential design, we are dedicated to achieving impressive functional shade solutions. We are not in this for quick fixes, it's about quality and lasting results.

Our Commitment

At Shadeworks AZ, we focus on quality and creative problem solving. Providing long-lasting high-quality shade solutions for your unique commercial and residential needs.

Innovative Design

Our options include misting systems and lighting options, enhance outdoor living spaces making Arizona's intense temps more enjoyable.

Our Team

Shadeworks Arizona company culture includes autonomy, growth, leading to positive, productive team and exceptional work for our clients.

Our Process

Shadeworks handles the entire process from helping you throught the premit process (As needed), fabricating it in house, using our premier fabric manufacturers, to our in house installers ensures a hassle-free process.

Get In Touch

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